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Why are the Mariners Coming to Tacoma and What is a Taxi Squad?

What the heck is a taxi squad? Do I need to step off a curb, whistle to a cabbie and ask him how he’s involved with the Seattle Mariners?

We get it. We just told you the Mariners are coming to Cheney Stadium and your inquisitive baseball loving brain has more questions than answers.

This is the part where we do our best to answer your FAQs before these exciting prospects get to R House on July 27.

What is a Taxi Squad?

These are the guys who need to be ready to at a moment’s notice to join the Big League club. With no Minor League Baseball in 2020, the Mariners can’t just call on a  hot Rainiers player who’s clubbing dingers like the good ole days of Baseball B.C. (before coronavirus).

The best thing they can do is pit a talented slew of players, and a few younger future stars, against one another in daily practices and scrimmages to keep them game-ready.

If a Mariners player needs time to shore up mechanics, or ends up on the Injured List *knocks on wood* a taxi squad player will fill in on the Major League roster.

Simply put, think of the taxi squad as a Triple-A team like the Rainiers. Only, instead of bringing the boom down on PCL teams while they await their chance in The Show, they’re staying in tiptop shape via friendly competition in the comfortable confines of historic Cheney Stadium.

Will I know any players on this mysterious Taxi Squad?

If you’re a Mariners fan, you can bet your bottom dollar you will.

You saw the likes of Jarred Kelenic, Julio Rodriguez, Cal Raleigh, Logan Gilbert and the organization’s other future household names tearing it up in Summer Camp at T-Mobile Park.

These studs put on a show, but there are only so many spots. Guys like the 19-year-old Rodriguez won’t be rushed to the big stage (especially with his recent wrist injury), but the future stars of Seattle will be sent to Tacoma to get the best coaching and competition that 2020 can offer.

Expect to see us on your social media timeline showing off a few high profile prospects this summer.

Why send them to Tacoma?

Why wouldn’t you send them to Tacoma? Serious inquiries only please.

Sorry. What can I expect to see from Taxi Squad workouts?

It’s not like the Mariners are asking our front office to take BP anyway, but we need to keep a safe distance from the Taxi Squad.

A few of us will be at Cheney Stadium watching from afar and reporting what we see on the diamond. We’ll bring you socially-distanced player features, inside information, and hopefully some video content to satisfy that undeniable itch that can only be scratched by the crack of a 34-inch bat or the pop of the leather receiving a 98 mph heater.

We’ll also have media in the house, so if you’re looking for a little extra extra, read all about it from the area’s esteemed local sports reporters.

Can I come watch the taxi squad play?

Now, how did I know you would ask that?

Because of rules put in place by Major League Baseball, the Mariners, and state and local health officials, we cannot allow any fans into Cheney Stadium at this time.

But I won’t even get close! I’ll stay in a suite! With my mask on!

Sorry, Jack. We’ll do our best to give you behind the scenes access that you’d never get from a suite.

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