Before applying for daily credentials to Cheney Stadium, please review all guidelines below. The Tacoma Rainiers, Seattle Mariners and Major League Baseball reserve the right to change these protocols and media availability at any time to ensure the safety of media, players and staff. All updates to health and safety protocols will be posted to this page.

We appreciate your patience as we do our part to make Cheney Stadium a safe environment for you to develop strong content for your organization. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to AJ Garcia via email at


Requests are now being accepted for daily media credentials to select Seattle Mariners “Taxi Squad” instrasquad games and workouts at Cheney Stadium. All requests for workouts and games played at Cheney Stadium can be accessed at, and must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the requested date.

All credentialing decisions are made by the Seattle Mariners. If you are denied a daily credential, the Mariners may work with you to find an alternate date for you to attend a Taxi Squad event.


Due to the COVID pandemic, the Seattle Mariners require everyone who has access to Cheney Stadium to complete a mobile app-based health screening each day before being admitted to the ballpark for any Taxi Squad events. This pre-screening will be done utilizing the CLEAR Health Pass app, which can be downloaded at To complete your health screening, use code: marinerstomobilepark


Media will be permitted to access the stadium up to 30 minutes prior to any scheduled on-field activity, and must exit no more than 60 minutes after the post-game virtual press conference ends, or the final out if there is no player/manager availability. Media will no longer be permitted to enter the stadium 30 minutes after the first pitch of any practices or simulated games.

Media check-in times will be shared with all media scheduled to be in attendance.


Media must wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth at Cheney Stadium. Masks may only be removed when eating or drinking. Eating food is only permitted at assigned work spaces. Disposable masks will be provided if necessary, but media are encouraged to bring their own if possible.

Members of the media must maintain physical distancing of at least six feet from other individuals and maintain good hygiene practices in compliance with Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department guidelines.


Media parking for all taxi squad events will be available in the south side parking lot adjacent to Highway 16.


Upon arrival, please enter Cheney Stadium through the Suites and Clubs Gate from the south side parking lot. Inside the gate, Cheney Stadium staff will conduct your temperature check, complete your health screening and provide your daily credential.

If your health conditions do not meet the standards of Major League Baseball or the Tacoma Rainiers, you will not be given your credential and will be asked to leave Cheney Stadium immediately.

After you receive your credential, use the stairs to access the Commencement Bank Summit Club on the 3rd floor. If you cannot take the stairs, media are permitted to use the elevators (limited to 2 people per trip).


After you are provided your credential, you will have one-way access to the Commencement Bank Summit Club on the 3rd floor.

All seats in the Commencement Bank Summit Club will be individually assigned. Tables and chairs will be placed at least 6 feet apart to maintain proper social distancing guidelines, and media will have access to WiFi.

Photographers and videographers are permitted access to designated areas the seating bowl, and no closer to field level than the 10th row, which will be marked. The seating bowl can be accessed through specified tunnels on the first floor concourse. If in the seating bowl, please do not try to get the attention of any players or on-field staff. The camera wells and field are off limits.

Media are prohibited from entering the clubhouse or accessing the playing field at all times. No exceptions.

Restrooms are available to media on the 2nd floor to the left of the main staircase.

Media may not roam around the ballpark and must stay within designated areas. When in the Commencement Bank Summit Club, media must remain at their assigned work space and cannot congregate with other media members.


There will be no in-person interviews of players, on-field staff or Cheney Stadium staff at any time during taxi squad events. For each media-permitted intrasquad game, players and coaches will be made available by request for a press conference via phone or video conference. All media in attendance will be provided a link to the virtual press conference. Press conferences will be recorded and the video file will be sent to media.

Following intrasquad games, coaches and starting pitchers/key players, as determined by media on-site and Rainiers staff, will be available within 10 minutes of the last out.

1-on-1 video or phone interviews will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If interested in getting an exclusive interview with a player, coach or staff member, please provide at least a 48-hour notice to AJ Garcia via email at or via phone at (253) 722-1036.


Live streaming is prohibited inside Cheney Stadium at all times.


Under no circumstances are credentialed media members permitted to seek autographs, personal photographs, baseball, bats, etc. at any time. Violation of this policy will result in the dismissal of the media member from Cheney Stadium and confiscation of the violator’s media credential(s).


There will not be any food or drink provided at Cheney Stadium for safety reasons. Media are permitted to bring their own food and drink, and must eat at their assigned work area. Please refrain from bringing glass food and drink containers into Cheney Stadium.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned guidelines will result in a loss of credential(s) for the media member(s) in violation and possibly their organization.