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R Staff Picks: Shows

Between streaming and traditional options, the word is that we are in an era of peak television. The modern viewer has seemingly infinite ways to binge or watch in 2020, and right now most of us* have a couple extra hours to watch TV.

*Respect and admiration to the medical workers, sanitation specialists, grocers, cooks, first responders, and everyone else keeping Tacoma safe right now.

While Cheney Stadium isn’t hosting games, we’re keeping 19th and Tyler primed to host you and yours when the time comes. Our We R Tacoma team are working from home to make sure whenever we open the R House gates, you’ll have that same great experience. Still, we have a bit more time than we’d prefer, and like many of you, we’re over here wondering “what now?”

Yesterday, we gave you R Staff Picks for some movies to keep you occupied. Today, we’re sharing the TV shows that are making us smile, laugh, and learn, through it all. In a time that is uncertain and unprecedented, a distraction is always welcome.

Always together, We R Tacoma.


AJ Garcia, Director of Media Relations and Content Development: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is a 6-episode sketch comedy series on Netflix that blends the cringe of The Office and the absurdity of Lonely Island with Tim Robinson as the ultra-awkward vehicle to drag you through it all. If you thought being quarantined with no toilet paper was weird, wait until you see Cecily Strong end her marriage because a magician/comic pokes fun at her husband’s suit. You can knock out all 6 installments in an afternoon, but this is the funniest sketch show I’ve seen in a long time and I’ve had it on repeat for months.

I’m also a sucker for trashy network TV.


Aaron Artman, President: Curb Your Enthusiasm is about as good as it gets. Even better during social distancing. The core cast of that show can make me laugh before they do anything funny.


Nick Cherniske, Assistant GM: In Netflix series Ozark, Jason Bateman shows that he is fit for far more than comedies. This suspenseful drama will keep you on your toes, rooting for a drug smuggling, money laundering family who was back-doored into the business. Twists in the plot have kept viewers guessing through the first two seasons, with season 3 dropping on Friday.


Megan Mead, VP Marketing: Schitt’s Creek is a comedic take on growing through “schitty” times and a solid reminder that uncomfortable situations can sometimes uncover a piece of ourselves that we didn’t know we needed.


Adam Wygle, Multimedia Specialist: In 1979 Roy Underhill launched The Woodright’s Shop where, using only his boundless energy and manpower, he demonstrates the methods our forebears used to make furniture and the tools they used on a day-to-day basis. Episodes range from experts showing off their craft, to Roy showing his prowess while he makes a chair or a table.

I should note that the episodes are also very lightly edited. The host will talk for many minutes at a time without cutting to a different camera to cover a mistaken word or sentence. He just keeps going, regardless of what gets in his way.


Reema Patel, Marketing Manager: Each episode of Amazon Prime’s Modern Love features a different cast/story exploring multiple platforms of love in NYC. What makes me enjoy watching this show is seeing how love can’t be defined by one description, but can be expressed in multiple ways with layers that are far beyond the norm. I see myself in each episode in some way or another.

We ended up binging the show last night, but really think it might be best to watch an episode every now and then to give yourself some time to think about each storyline and message.


We want to hear from you. What movies are you watching while you have more time with your loved ones?


Tomorrow, we’re giving you R Staff Picks for the music that moves us.

Previously we shared the movies that keep us entertained.

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