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R South Sound Sandwich Showdown

UPDATE: MSM Deli’s “Mike’s Deluxe” is the CHAMPION of the We R Tacoma South Sound Sandwich Showdown.

Bread. Meat. Cheese. The best sandwiches are simple in their profile. Often messy, yet elegant and divine. R City has an endless array of sensational sandwiches that are mouthwatering, delicious, and make for the perfect takeout meal when cooking dinner sounds worse than scaling Rainier with a 7-foot reindeer on your back.

There’s dozens of top-notch subs and clubs in Tacoma, but which reigns supreme as the ultimate South Sound Sandwich? Take a read through R Staff’s selection of the eight best sandwiches in Tacoma, celebrate our champion, legendary MSM Deli on 6th Avenue, then drop by our social media accounts and tell us where we went wrong.

Make sure to check out our small business guide to see all the food, beverage, and grocery providers who could use your support during this difficult time. Always Together. We R Tacoma.

The Sherpa- Peaks and Pints (Finalist)

Per the Peaks and Pints website: The Sherpa delivers robust flavor using simple ingredients. French bread is smothered with goat cheese then topped with arugula, red onion, tomato, warmed slices of roasted turkey, and a dash of spicy mayo.

Goat cheese has a distinct, tart, sweet and earthy flavor. It pairs well with IPAs and saisons, but Peaks and Pints grabs a pilsner when we sit down with The Sherpa. Pilsner might be the most versatile food beer, with hops being able to cut through the spicy mayo and enough bubbles to cleanse the palate after the goat cheese. When in doubt, grab a pils.

Per WeRTacoma.com: I mean, we weren’t going to make beer suggestions but we’ll take ’em all day.

The Sherpa at Peaks and Pints

via Peaks and Pints website

The restaurant is closed Mondays, but you can fill your growler at Peaks & Pints every other day of the week. Their walls of fabulous beers are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and they’re also offering takeout, so grab a Sherpa and enjoy.

Catfish Fillet Sandwich- Southern Kitchen

Beautifully breaded and seasoned, served on golden brown toast with a refreshing compliment of lettuce, pickles and tomato. That savory, crispy fillet is really the star of the sandwich, but this entire dish puts you in a classic down home Southern Kitchen in a way that no other sandwich in Tacoma can.

Pepper Cheesesteak- Go Philly

Per Go Philly: Looking for spicy? You found it! Steak or chicken, hot and sweet peppers, grilled onion, and your choice of melted cheese.

Just like the Southern Kitchen can take your taste buds on a trip below the Mason-Dixon line, Go Philly’s Pepper Cheesesteak drops you right in the heart of Philadelphia’s Midtown Village. Ooey gooey and oh so delicious, the peppers and onion on this beast pack a punch that’s perfectly balanced by the melted cheese.

pepper cheesesteak

via Go Philly Facebook page

Get your cheesesteak on from Monday-Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Fire Soul- Burger Seoul (Round 1 Winner)

It’s right in the name: Fire. This burger is, as the kids say, fire. Young La’s masterpiece is loaded with Korean grilled pork butt, lettuce, spicy Korean cucumber, and his signature jalapeno Seoul hot sauce. According to the menu, this mountain of meat is “Tacoma’s favorite hangover cure.” We can’t confirm nor deny that statement… but it is.

Burger Seoul is practicing social distancing at 1750 S. Prospect, but is back to operating at their normal hours (Monday-Sunday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.).

Check out our visit to Burger Seoul in This Is R City: Best of Burgers. This is also as good a time as any to ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Mike’s Deluxe- MSM Deli (CHAMPION)

You cannot, and we mean this very seriously, cannot talk about “best sandwiches” in Tacoma, or in the country for that matter, without voicing love for MSM Deli. Take your pick off the Magic Sandwich Makers list for their nominee, but we landed on the Mike’s Deluxe because it’s huge, it’s classic and it’s flippin’ awesome.

Mike's Deluxe at MSM Deli

via Twitter

A French roll piled high with roast beef, turkey, ham, Swiss and cheddar, lettuce, sprouts, onions, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and mayo. So, ya know, everything.

The Magical Sandwich Makers have a walk-up window available. Have you ever been so inspired to go for a stroll down 6th Ave?

T-Town Grinder- Top of Tacoma

If nothing else, Top of Tacoma’s loaded baguette deserves style points for having a killer name. The T-Town Grinder is stacked with turkey, ham, soppressata, Swiss, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pepperoncinis, and Top of Tacoma’s signature house sub sauce all laid gorgeously on a cheddar baked, fresh herb baguette. It’s a staple of their menu and a go to lunch option for any true Tacoman.

The Brutus- Eleven Eleven (Round 1 Winner)

The Peterson Bros (Peaks and Pints, Eleven Eleven, The Valley) are everything amazing about Tacoma eateries, and they’ve rightfully earned a second sandwich on the bracket with their famous Brutus. Order this heavenly delight with a pillow and a blanket because you’ll be lying down for a fat nap before you can say “pepperoni, salami, ham, cheddar and Swiss grilled on a French roll topped with fresh tomatoes and Caesar dressing.” Goodnight.

The Eleven Eleven is currently closed due to COVID-19, but the Peterson Bros hope to get back to serving at their Hilltop location soon. Hit up Peaks and Pints to show ownership support during this unprecedented time for our local businesses.

Dead Elvis Burger- Dirty Oscar’s Annex

Everybody loves a Cinderella story, but DOA’s Dead Elvis Burger definitely does NOT qualify as an underdog. This burger is a powerhouse loaded with a thick, juicy patty, DOA’s legendary bacon candy, peanut butter, fried banana, mayo, and an over easy egg. It’s served on a brioche bun because it’s sassy but classy.

DOA is open Thursday-Sunday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. with a limited menu. They’re also offering a 10% discount on delivery.

Ok fine fine fine. Here’s one more This Is R City episode to watch. See our journey to DOA on our Best Breakfasts episode.

Always Together. We R Tacoma.

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