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UPDATE: R Hat R City extended thru Tuesday, Dec. 3

Tacoma is a city of over 200,000 people shuffling rapidly through 6th Ave, South Tacoma Way, and Stadium District. Moving in all directions from Point Defiance Park, Proctor and Pacific Avenue is an intertwined community weaving seamlessly to create a home fit for the passionate people of R City. Hilltop, University Place and Ruston are being filled by South Sound citizens who look out for each other, take care of one another, and who rally for their neighbors out of instinct to continue building Tacoma’s reputation as one the greatest places to live in the country.

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This November, we called on many of R City’s leaders to give insight into Jason Lee Middle School’s “Watts Up!” solar project, an effort founded by three high school freshmen and their former middle school teacher. Their goal?  To install 277 solar panels on the school’s roof to lower emissions and save over $10,000 annually in energy costs. The city has shown their support for the project by backing the Tacoma Rainiers initiative “R Hat R City” which is donating $5 from every Rainiers hat sold this month to “Watts Up!”

R Hat and Watts Up project

“It’s the future,” said Travel Tacoma CEO Dean Burke. “I look at who is coming up through younger generations. The Pacific Northwest and Tacoma is trying to push and set the bar for how we use energy and resources. They are not satisfied with the status quo. I love this.”

Burger Seoul owner Young La has seen how having a great idea can go from concept to reality in Tacoma, and he believes “Watts Up!” is on the right path to seeing their aspirations come to fruition.

“These kids are amazing,” said La. “It’s a thing that [no school] has done before in this city or Pierce County. That’s a huge step. Solar energy is the next step for their generation. As a person, a business owner, and an entrepreneur – that’s the way to go. They are an inspiration. I’m with them and support whatever it takes.”

Jason Lee Middle School aims to be a pioneer in South Sound solar energy, but certainly won’t be the last to make the change. More solar power means a cleaner Earth, and Jason Lee is a trailblazer for other South Sound structures to switch to solar.

“They are showing excellent leadership to us right now,” said Windermere Real Estate owner Anne Jones. “From the real estate perspective, strong schools build strong communities and that’s good for everyone. You are always going to find us behind anything related to schools here. It will impact all of our lives.”

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Support R City by purchasing new Rainiers hats before the end of November and you will be doing your part to rally for your hometown. These leaders and entrepreneurs know that their impact and reach can only stretch so far, but when an entire city like ours comes together to support projects like Jason Lee’s, historic moments are not only possible, they are expected. Only in Tacoma.

Tacoma Rainiers hats and other merchandise can be purchased at the Cheney Stadium Team Store or thru the online team store. The Cheney Stadium Team Store is open Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. More information about “R Hat R City” can be found at the link here.

To inquire about 2020 season tickets and hospitality options, contact tickets@wertacoma.com. The most up-to-date news and notes about the Rainiers throughout the season can be found by WeRTacoma.com, or by following the Rainiers on Twitter (@RainiersLand), Instagram (tacomarainiers) and liking the team on Facebook.

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