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Defiantly Tacoma’s Guide to Outdoors & Exercise

Let’s be real. We were amped to try a bunch of new things once COVID-19 hit. Once the shock wore off, we took a deep breath and started charting ways to take advantage of all this newfound time on our hands. We eyed that dusty violin we’d bought and never got around to learning. Halfheartedly started scrapbooking. Then the malaise set in.

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This whole thing has gone on a lot longer than most of us thought possible, and without getting into the mud of controversy, we think it’s appropriate to say this is no time to get discouraged. The weather’s been gorgeous, summer is in full swing, and it’s simply time to get it in gear. We’re safely exploring the South Sound and encourage you to do the same, otherwise this summer of action will become…well, one of inaction.

The time is now, Tacoma. Let’s get fit, make the best of this moment, and support local business at the same time. What do you say? Here’s a Defiantly Tacoma Guide to Outdoors & Exercise.

Expand Yoga

While the community found in yoga is a special thing we may have taken for granted in the days of yore, the practice is really about the art, the breath, stretches, and the self, man. Our favorite studio on 6th Ave has had to go small in the times of quarantine but they’re still offering live streamed classes on the internet and smaller private to semi-private (groups of 4) lessons throughout the week. That’s hot….yoga, that is.

Edgeworks Tacoma

A full body workout is one that challenges all parts of the body, sure. But we’d like to think testing the mind in the process checks extra boxes. Climbing is not for the faint of heart, but when it all takes place in the confines of a welcoming & safe gym that’s close to home, some real good things can start to happen. Our favorite spot to boulder and belay in the South Sound is Edgeworks Tacoma. Their 17,000 square feet of climbing space is currently operating at a limited capacity, but spots can be reserved online. All you’ve got to do is become a member which is easy as the click of a button. Climb on, dudes.

2nd Cycle

We’ve frequented just about every bike shop in town, and 2nd Cycle tops them all for that authentic, rugged, community bike shop feel. Started out of a cramped basement garage and expanding into the full-fledged workshop it is today, the handy men and women of 2nd Cycle repair and sell back affordable bikes to those looking for an alternative ride to get around. While their public table is currently closed due to COVID-19, there’s no doubt that this Hilltop shop is the hub for bicycle education and community building in Tacoma.

Fleet Feet Tacoma

Whatever you do, don’t run in shoes that you willy nilly picked off a shelf and expect your body not to hate you for it. We have sworn by buying all of our walking, jogging, and running supplies at this Proctor shop for two reasons.

  • They scan your feet, giving you a detailed report on what kind of shoes you need. They also personally analyze your walk to get you the perfect fit for your needs.
  • The customer service is personable, informed, and warm. Even through a face mask.

This spot is awesome and it’s clear that the Fleet Feet mission to help people along the path to wellness and fitness isn’t just jargon. They walk the walk over at Fleet Feet and that’s why we’re customers for life.

Tacoma Dance Studios

The thing we love about this studio is the lack of pretension that runs through its core. A welcoming space for adults to take dance classes of all types without any judgement. We even sent Rhubarb the Reindeer there to cure his two left feet. The studio is currently holding online classes in belly dance, hip hop Zumba, ballet, and more. Shake your groove thing, Tacoma!

Got any other spots that are making your heart race? Send hot tips, prison style workouts, and pictures of your calves to ccatherwood@wertacoma.com.

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