Tacoma Defiance

Defiant Values are Tacoma Values

We don’t need to explain Tacoma to you. You know Tacoma. You live it and breathe it every day.

Those who can claim to be Defiantly Tacoma don’t have to flaunt it. It’s a pride that’s apparent wherever we go. We refuse to sit down. We are a raised fist, TAC, and a point so grand they named a ship after us.

Tacoma is Tough

Born of lumber and a long shore interrupted by piers, two cities became one. This is the chosen place where a woman who feared water mastered it and grew a company into greatness. Toughness like this does not fade away. It sticks with a community for centuries. We are resilient, hardened, and will never quit.

Tacoma is Ambitious

From our neighborhoods come adventurers, heroes, and artisans. Some of the best writers in English-language history have called Tacoma home. Our city never holds us back. It fuels our rise and we take it with us. Students from our schools, colleges, and universities are going to be leaders. They will not be contained.

Tacoma is Community

We started with two different cities – Tacoma City and New Tacoma. From there we grew into these dozens of neighborhoods and neighbors. Immigrants, old-timers, newbies – all are welcome to spend days and nights at Cheney Stadium, the premier gathering place for the South Sound’s truest.

Tacoma is Original

We were the Northern Pacific Railroad’s first terminus on the Pacific Ocean. The first canned beer in Washington came from Tacoma. The Wailers, The Sonics, and The Ventures brought rock out of Tacoma garages to rule the airwaves. We were innovators before the software industry recaptured being innovators.

Tacoma is Memorable

Look at our amazing history – a drinking bear, Giant Pacific Octopus, Pappy, Greta, Helen, and Jonas. These aren’t just myths, but legendary people who grew from Tacoma’s streets and brought our city to the world. Our museum district rivals those of larger metropolises. Postcard views surround us on every side.

Tacoma is Assertive

We declared our city as destined long before appropriate. We take pride in our grit. We are a city on the rise, and we will never hesitate to tell you about it. Outsiders thought we were small scale. We responded by building the largest wooden dome in the world. Doubt a Tacoman and find out just how much pride they have. It’s quite a bit.

We are defiantly Tacoma, just like you. Everything we do is a reminder that from Point Defiance to the Summit neighborhood, from Puyallup River to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma surrounds us. We are all cut from the cloth of Tacoma Defiance.

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