Professional Soccer In Tacoma

USL Soccer has arrived in Tacoma, giving the South Sound professional soccer once again for the first time in decades.


Hang out with your favorite group of friends, family, or co-workers and enjoy a great deal while you do it. With epic views and non-stop entertainment, Cheney Stadium is the perfect platform for hosting your next get-together.

Season Tickets

The path to soccer stardom goes through Tacoma. Tacoma Defiance continues to call Cheney Stadium home for the 2019 season. For a city that is rich in love for its teams, and with a strong history of appreciation for the beautiful game, we are excited to show the soccer world our defiant heart.

With goals of a soccer specific stadium built on the footprint of Cheney Stadium, the future is blindingly bright for soccer in the South Sound. With Tacoma Defiance committed to playing at least two seasons in the already dynamic environment of Cheney Stadium, the potential for building a true-to-Tacoma fan experience is palpable. What will we build together? How great can we make this? Those answers are up to you, Tacoma. All we know is, it’s going to be something incredible.

With a history of over 50 years of baseball played on 19th & Tyler, Cheney Stadium isn’t the first place you’d associate with the game of soccer. That being said, we’re thrilled at the plan we’ve come up with, and with a world-class field conversion plan in place, we’re confident Tacoma Defiance fans will be too. The intimate feel of Cheney Stadium’s seating bowl will lend itself perfectly to a soccer match, and paired with the prime views of R Bar, the Key Bank Summit Club, and R Yard hovering over the north-end goal, the experience is yours to make.