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R Creepy Crawly Halloween Crafts

So you and the fam are carving pumpkins, baking those adorable little ghost cookies and trying to convince yourselves that 2020 isn’t a real life horror film that you can’t escape. Jack-O’-Lanterns are great until they start to smell like Leatherface’s mask, so if you need a bit more Halloween in your home this October, some DIY crafts should do the trick (or treat).

Every week this month, we’re dropping in like a haunted skeleton in the attic to share a new around-the-house craft that you and the younglings can do to add a ghostly touch to your bunker.

It seems the stars have aligned because we’ve got the perfect craft that’s easy for the whole family. Check out these constellation pumpkins, courtesy of Design Sponge

Constellation Pumpkins


  • Large Pumpkins
  • Knife
  • Pumpkin Gut Scoop
  • Black Paint
  • Drill and assorted drill bits
  • V-Chisel
  • Tea lights


  1. Use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin. Be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle so the lid will have a place to rest when you replace it.
  2. Clean out the insides and use a pumpkin gut scooper to scrape the walls as smooth as possible.
  3. Tape off the stem of the pumpkin and paint the rest of the pumpkin black. Let paint dry and remove tape.
  4. Print out constellation patterns on paper. (Try to find ones that show which stars are brighter.)
  5. Hold the constellation tightly against the pumpkin and use assorted drill bits to drill out the stars.
  6. Use a v-chisel to connect the stars.
    1. Tip: You can use a ruler to help keep your lines straight.
  7. Insert tea lights at the bottom of the pumpkin.

Last week we spread our creative wings with these spooky Bat Branches, brought to you by InMyOwnStyle

Bat Branches


  • Branches from Trees or Shrubs
  • Large Vase
  • Flower Foam
  • Acorns, falls leaves or shredded straw
  • Black Ribbon
  • White Puffy Paint


  1. Cut branches from trees or shrubs in your yard with a pair of garden shears or lopers.
  2. Fill a vase with foam and wedge the end of branches into foam. Spread the branches evenly in the vase.
  3. Cover the foam with acorns, fall leaves, or shredded straw.
  4. Tie a piece of black ribbon (small, medium or large) into a double knot to branches evenly around the branches.
  5. Make two dots with white puffy paint for eyes

Sink your teeth into these simply adorable mini vampire pumpkins, brought to you by M Diddy herself, Martha Stewart.

Mini Vampire Pumpkins


  • For vampire Jack-O’-Lantern mouth: Stencil
  • Thumbtack
  • Red pin map tacks
  • Small white pumpkin (For a big bite, choose a small pumpkin so the plastic vampire teeth seem huge)


  1. Print mouth template. Lay template on pumpkin, and poke thumbtack through, all along outline, to transfer design. Cut out with saw; remove excess flesh.
  2. Wedge teeth into hole.
  3. For eyes, pin map tacks onto pumpkin.

Earlier this month, we got wrapped up with these easy mummy mason jars, courtesy of Parade.

Mummy Mason Jars


  • (2-3) Mason Jars (various sizes to make a “family”)
  • 1” Gauze Bandage
  • Googly Eyes (various sizes and types)
  • Flameless Votive Candles


  1. Wrap jars with gauze from bottom to the rim in different angles
  2. Stick on googly eyes
  3. Line up completed mummy mason jar “family” and place lit flameless votive candles inside

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