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Big Little Connections

Staying physically distant means that for many of us, the rare face-to-face interactions mean more than they used to. The ways we connect are different during the pandemic. How they make us feel is a spectrum, but regardless, they serve as reminders that we are together. Connected always.

All of us are going through this. Our interactions with each other are not-so-subtle reminders that Tacoma, Pierce County, and the South Sound will be back at the stadium, the park, and the pub in the future. We have that hope and certainty because our bonds with each other are strong, and strengthening through this global event.

A short conversation with a brave delivery person or masked grocery clerk is often the longest time we encounter someone outside of the household.

For Director of Business Development Ben Nelson, a short and meaningful meeting was with his next-door neighbor. Talking to each other through the fence where they could only see each other from eyes up, they connected. Yes, just like on Home Improvement. A portion of the fence needed some work and Ben learned that his neighbor could help with that.

Even at a distance, and through a fence, a connection was made.

Taking a walk with his dog, Content Creator Dave Clark overheard a neighbor’s grandchild ask who he was.

“That’s Dave,” the grandmother said. The child was confused, “But that’s Dave” he said, pointing at his grandfather. Grandma responded with “We have a lot of Daves around here.”

The next day the youngster biked close, but not too close, and said, “You are one of the many Daves around here.”

All of those men were connected through a little boy learning that names are not unique. In fact, there are approximately 10,905,563 Americans named David, with approximately 92,597 Davids born each year. We are together.

Not all of these moments of togetherness end with a smile. But they make us wiser.

Director of Group Sales and Event Marketing Caitlin Calnan found a reminder that life is impermanent. A few weeks ago, a discarded balloon drifted into her yard wishing a father a happy birthday in Heaven. Even without meeting the family, Caitlin connected with them and felt for them.

Because he can’t go out, dance on dugouts, or spend hours at the record store, Creative Director, Casey Catherwood has been spending more time on his roof than ever before. Waves and exchanged pleasantries with neighbors he’d never spoken to have been traded in droves. In a global pandemic, waving at a neighbor is kind of like being on a boat. If you make eye contact with a passerby, you’ve got to say hello. It’s an unwritten rule. We are connecting with our neighborhoods in new and meaningful ways through this whole experience. That’s a good thing.

Even with social distancing, we are still social beings – humans being humane, Tacoma being Tacoma.

Cheney Stadium’s favorite Wireless Operator, Camera Man Casey now leaves the door open for his neighbor’s dog. He’ll often find a dog that doesn’t belong to him napping on the floor next to his makeshift treat bowl.  It’s reminder of fellowship. A dog that is both not his and his at the same time.

Maybe you honk and wave at someone out for a walk, or you are one of those gifted people singing or playing an instrument in public. Some are spinning their turntables and others are flying a kite.

No matter how you do it, each one of you is helping Tacoma connect, showing a defiant and familial spirit all at once. These moments, big or small, are a time for us to remember than even when separate, we share the same air and experience.

Always Together. We R Tacoma.

About the Tacoma Rainiers

The Tacoma Rainiers are the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Tacoma has been a member of the Pacific Coast League since Cheney Stadium opened in 1960, and has been a Mariners affiliate since establishing the Rainiers moniker in 1995.

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